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by Inash Zubair . Wednesday, 17 May 2006 . 0 comments

OK. Here it is. The dv_MV locale file. Just came down from Sofwath yesturday (May 16). To test it follow the instructions below:

Copy the file to your home directory.
# mkdir locale
# cp dv_MV.txt dv_MV
# localedef -c -i dv_MV -f UTF-8 locale/dv_MV.utf8@iso
# cp -r locale/dv_MV.utf8\@iso /usr/lib/locale/
# LANG=dv_MV.utf8@iso
# LC_ALL=dv_MV.utf8@iso
# date

Expect a couple of errors during the localedef process. The final date command should output the current date in a localized format that has the day and month in Thaana. Currently we're looking into the proper implementation of UTF-8 and how they are implemented in the Kernel and the Xlib. Those will be our first steps. Any help from these areas are most welcome and we do need it.


by Inash Zubair. Monday, 15 May 2006 . 0 comments

After a week, we received a positive response from the Gnome Translation Project and we have made our way through as the official translation team for Dhivehi. Sofwath had been made the coordinator. And now we've officially kicked off Gnome translation.

Sofwath is currently working on the core translation files. Once he's done, expect a full post from him regarding his development and updates. Our current plan is to implement the core translation tables and then start with translating Gnome 2.14 as a base. Once we're through over time, new official projects will be carefully thought out and announced.

This will be just the beginning of Localizing linux. There are a lot of other projects we need to catch up with in time, slowly. More information and guidelines on how you can participate and contribute to individual translation programs will be posted with in May 2006 when the site is complete.


by Inash Zubair . Saturday, 13 May 2006 . 0 comments

Currently we're in the process of developing and concentrating more applicable information regarding the user group and its objectives in the website. There have been a couple of events recently regarding further embracing and adoption of Desktop Linux distros and in the area of technicalities and translation.

We've just begun slowly on a more broader aspect of one of our objectives, Localization. It has been almost one and half years since we last decided on the translation project and up until now, we have been quite idle. Once we get the site completed, we will come up with more information and updates regarding our agenda and a better platform for communication.

In the meantime please visit our old website for previous information regarding the first Linux demo day. And if you would like to participate in the current discussions, we recommend you subscribe to our general mailing list as it will be the most updated source of information and latest discussions plus, it will enable us to keep track of new members.

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